Local Gay Bar is a comic strip I began in the Summer of 2018, drawing inspiration from my zillions of years working (and drinking) in restaurants and bars in New Orleans, Louisiana. The strip is published bi-weekly in Ambush Magazine, and is also available on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @localgaybar

I am a self-taught artist (no surprise due to low quality!) and although I still bartend a little on the side for fun and profit, I now spend most of my days in a cozy government office overseeing federal grants, swimming through paperwork and spreadsheets.

I live in a purple house in New Orleans with my boyfriend John, and our four cats Cosmo, Blaze, Lily, and Ellaganza. Local Gay Bar is created with iPad Pro, Procreate Software, and Hendricks Gin.

I hope you enjoy these comics; if the inspire you to patronize your local LGBTQ businesses a bit more frequently, even better.

Thanks for visiting, your next drink is on the house.

Adam Radd